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Boston, Massachusetts

Temporary setup at the Park Plaza Hotel, Boston

Berkely and Clarendon ballrooms at the Park Plaza hotel with temporary seating and non-perf fast-fold screen. Speaker is located below the screen. There was no masking.

We used a pair of Spanish-made portable 35mm machines. These used 1000w tungsten bulbs; surprisingly, the picture filled the width of the screen for scope and was fairly bright. The built-in changeover system works by simply turning off one bulb while turning on the other; this got "interesting" with prints that had clear leaders immediately before or after the picture. The picture was super-sharp with ISCO Ultra-Star lenses for all formats.

Black drapery proved mostly ineffective at isolating the projector noise from the "auditorium" area.

Another shot of the projectors with the second machine in focus.

Rewind bench, splicer, and reel cabinet. We ran about seven different features films over three days, plus shorts.

MARC 300 16mm machine for shorts and sound "rack" with Altec mixer/amp and CD player. Sound quality for 35mm was passable, but lacked high-frequency detail.

Photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

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