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As we get hundreds of emails for the same things that are already covered in the online documentation, please use the following general guidelines before emailing...

  • You have actually looked at this website and understand what we are about.
  • You have a question regarding FilmGuard or another product we manufacture.
  • You have a question regarding projection and you HAVE already searched the forums and the tips pages before you send your message.
  • You have a picture tour, manual, review or tips page to submit for the archives and general spread of knowledge.
  • You have a problem with your forum registration and you have already re-read the ENTIRE registration instructions as well as the FAQ.  99% of emails we receive in this regard are already covered on the online documentation.  Do note that the online documentation also covers issues such as incorrectly configured firewalls, which could result in your not being able to even enter the forums.
  • You would like to have your website added to our links page.

  • You have a question about cameras.  Think about it.
  • You do not sign your real name.  We couldn't care less about whatever you have to say in your email if you don't identify yourself.
  • You are sending a chain letter, virus warning and other such mass-mailings.  (If this involves using the "forward" button, don't bother)
  • You are sending a joke email.  We have seen them all.  Think we are kidding?  Check out the Joke forum.  Every joke ever written is archived there and new ones are added daily.  (When we feel like a good joke, this is where we go.)
  • You are looking for some obscure manual.  There are two scenarios here.  Either we do have it (doubtful) and haven't had the time to scan it in yet, or we don't have it (probably).  Either way, if it is not on the manuals download page, we cannot help you at this time.
  • Your email program is set to send "HIGH PRIORITY" email.  This is ridiculous.  Is your email THAT much more important than everyone else's?  (Do note we generally ignore emails sent "high priority" based upon principle alone.  You have been warned.)
  • You have a problem with your forum account that cannot be resolved with online documentation, yet you fail to give us all pertinent information about you so that we can assist.  We must have your registered name EXACTLY as it appears on the forums to even begin to make an attempt to help you.

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