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Kraków, Poland

Thanks to Aleksandr Bal, chief projectionist, for showing around the theater.

The Kino Pod Baranami is a renowned art cinema located on the main market square of Kraków in the south of Poland. It is housed in a beautiful old building since its opening in 1969.

The staircase leads to the cinema upstairs. A second and third screens were added a few years ago. Theaters are named after the dominant color of their decoration.

On the first floor (with floor zero as the street level) are the box office and the Red theater (128 seats).

On the second floor are the cafeteria and the Blue (102 seats) and White (30 seats) theaters.

Interior shot of the Blue theater showing standard fixed screen masking.

Main projection room housing the Blue theater projectors, the cinema office and projectionists workshop.

Projectionists workshop in the background. Sound rack featuring a Dolby CP65 processor and QSC amplifiers in the foreground for Blue theater.

Meopta MEO-5 projectors made in Czech are being used in Red and Blue theaters. Each theater has two projectors running in change-over mode without any long-playing devices. On the wall, traces of recent plaster work performed in April 2011 to install brand new electrical circuitry, command boxes and lamphouse rectifiers.

MEO-5 featuring a three-lens turret working with one static primary lens completed with secondary lenses for each format. The projector has reverse-scan optical readers. The cinema is not equipped for digital sound.

Aperture masks to accomodate for the 1.37, 1.85 and scope aspect ratios in the Red theater. The Blue and White theaters feature 1.66 in place of 1.37.

Prexer AP-51 projectors made in Poland are used in the White theater.

Close look at the Prexer film path, showing wooden skates.

Photos from the Lionel Fouillen collection.

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