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Alpharetta, GA

Dinner theater with mini booths

The Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge opened in June of 2010.

Box office.

Box office with main lobby in the rear.

Front and main lobby.

Front lobby sitting/waiting area.

That green purse does not go with that outfit.

Yup, more of the lobby.


Host stand.

Rear view of the lobby.

Lobby bar.

Lobby bar.

The monitors are a mix of live satellite feeds, trailers and menu advertising.

Secondary bar (for delivery direct into the auditoriums).


Typical auditorium.

Another typical auditorium.

Auditorium between shows (before preshow) with janitor lights on since the camera that took these pictures is awful. All auditoriums have side movable masking.

Reverse shot of an average auditorium.

Central library rack on left and unfinished IT rack at the time of this picture on right (via Network Advisors).

Rear of the library rack. This system had a ton of extra features added.

The ladder to the mini-booths.

A "large" sized mini-booth. This is booth #2/3 (with #3 being just to the left of the camera). To the left is what we lovingly refer to as an Oompa Loompa door.

This is booth #1/4 (#1 pictured).

Another angle of booth #1/4. The wiring and boxes below the port window are wi-fi for the handheld computers the servers carry (via Network Advisors). For those curious as to where the amps are, the surround amp(s) are in the booth and the rest are behind the screen. The audio signal is transmitted digitally via Cobranet. This setup saves a lot of money in unnecessary wire and labor costs.

Reverse shot of #1/4 booth. Screenvision's preshow equipment is above and to the left of the port windows. That door is now covered by curtains. It was originally to be the only way into and out of these booths, but later the Oompa Loompa doors were added.

Booth #1/4 from one last angle.

Richard the GC for Parkway Construction.

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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