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Private screening room featuring the largest Norelcos on the planet

Custom designed Norelco AA2 projectors for 36 inch reel capacity, or approximately 12,000 feet of film! (The Norelco AA2 unmodified only has a 22 inch reel capacity.) These projectors also have a remote electronic focusing system. Lamphouses are 2000 watt Christie xenon.

Dolby CP-200 cinema processor with 2 Auxiliary units, SRA-5 adaptor, and SRD upgrade cards. Auxiliary unit is outfitted with 1/3 octave equalization for stereo surrounds and noise reduction for the Left extra and Right extra screen channels. The magnetic preamp has a full set of 10 cards for any possible format as well as the rare cat 93 surround switch card. Two Dolby cat 204 remote control units are installed at each projector. Other sound system specs... L, C, R screen speakers...Altec A4A-X 1505B. Le, Re screen speakers...Altec 1204B. 12 surround speakers...Altec model 83 3-way. Dual subwoofers...Altec 8182 custom manufactured out of extra heavy duty oak plywood at 1 1/8" thick. 3 BGW 7500T amplifiers drive the 5 screen speakers rated at 240 watts/channel. BGW PS2 amplifier drives the 12 surround speakers rated at 240 watts/channel. BGW PS3 amplifier drives the dual subwoofers for a combined total of 1400 watts.

Back view of the projectors showing the film racks that line the booth walls. A Jenn Air professional spiral squirrel cage blower is mounted on the outside of the building to exhaust the hot air from the lamphouses.

The auditorium. Seating for over 70 people!

23 foot wide perforated screen concealing the 5 screen speakers and dual subwoofers. Projection formats... 70mm conventional with Isco Ultra Star HD 74mm lenses. 70mm anamorphic with Ultra Panavision lenses. 35mm anamorphic with Cineulux MC2X anamorphic lenses and Isco Ultra Star HD 60mm backups. 35mm 1.85 with Isco Ultra Star HD 35mm lenses. 35mm 1.55 with Isco Ultra Star HD 45mm lenses. 35mm 1.33 with Kollmorgen Super Snaplight 2 inch lenses. 35mm 1.16 with Kollmorgen Super Snaplight 2.5 inch lenses.

Behind the screen view of 3 enormous Altec loudspeakers. There are a total of 7 Altec speaker systems behind the screen. This was the entire speaker system out of a local 2000 seat cinema!

Top level of 2 layer concession stand. Mint restored 1940s and 1950s machines.

Beautiful concession machines from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s complement the two layer concession stand. On the far right a mint restored 1940s coin operated popcorn dispensing machine. In the middle is an absolutely pristine 1930s Savory hotdog cooking machine constructed of porcelain and stainless steel, with a gear and chain system moving 20 individual hotdog cradles arond the center electric heating elements.

Fantastic 1912 Holcomb and Hoke popcorn machine in unrestored absolutely pristine condition. Popcorn kernals are stored in the glass globe on top and mechanically fed one kernel at a time via a gear driven system into the metal kettle inside the machine where they are popped.

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