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Sheraton Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts

Thanks to Mike Donohue for providing the equipment and booking the films, and John Hawkinson for inspecting the prints and generally assisting with the event.

2004 photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

73 KB · 625x393
A general shot of the auditorium (a hotel ballroom). This w...

86 KB · 625x399
A general shot of the balcony area that was being used as a ...

100 KB · 625x396
Some of the other light and sound equipment that was squeeze...

86 KB · 394x625
Film sound rack. This included a CP500-70 and Dolby MPU-1. ...

75 KB · 625x388
70mm shipping cases. We ran Ghostbusters, The Abyss, and St...

89 KB · 625x401
More 70mm.

79 KB · 402x625
One of the projectors set up for 35mm use.

82 KB · 390x625
The same projector running 70mm!

71 KB · 625x387
Some people should not be allowed near film. Whoever did th...

85 KB · 625x405
The uber-confusing Yamaha digital mixer.

80 KB · 625x394
Stacked Christie DLP units were used for video screenings. ...

75 KB · 625x393
Manual hand-crank bench for film inspection. We also had a ...

95 KB · 625x392
More 70mm cases!

88 KB · 391x625
Reverse shot of one of the JJs.

92 KB · 625x390
Reverse shot of the entire setup.
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