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Eganville, Ontario, Canada

The venue. Timber built stage, with Draper pull-down screen.

Dude hooking up the audio cable, XLR input, mono sound cell.

LS of the setup and throw.

Making up the films on a picnic table, the reels just fit.

Handy reel holders, all the features played have a intermission.

Speakers, old Traynor's, super heavy cabinets, 100 watts at 8 ohms.

Sound rack, DJ style mixer, power amp is 75 watts. The setup runs mono into the two stage speakers.

Century CC with a Simplex Sound head, and a stop-gap solution for light, a 16mm xenon with beer can. We have a 1000 watt xenon but we didn't have a 30 amp breaker wired up. Next time.

CU of Century and beer can lamphouse, note the film guard used with toothbrush on the gate.

The Battle wagon! An old red International tractor wheeled it around, or you can just hand pull it with three big men.

Makeup/rewind table. Behind the screen on the stage.

Photos from the Paul Gordon collection.

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