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Charlotte, North Carolina

August 2010 photos from the Preston Drum collection.

77 KB · 625x417
Charlotte's Drive-In LOGO. Created by THINKBOX STUDIOS.

106 KB · 625x417
Charlotte's Drive-In sign, hung on the side of the proj...

82 KB · 625x417
Close up on the port window, through the booth and out the b...

94 KB · 417x625
View from the rear of the booth. Notice our best friend the ...

104 KB · 625x417
Neumade PRT ULTRA power rewind table, other wise known as th...

93 KB · 625x417
STRONG 35-A Platter - completely manual and super old school...

95 KB · 417x625
STRONG XENON Power Supply 58689 positioned perfectly to be a...

104 KB · 417x625
Sound rack: FM Stereo DRIVE-IN Radio Sound Transmitter (equi...

102 KB · 417x625
Century SA Projector. The beast! We loved this projector, it...

106 KB · 625x417
BACP RSTR-2000 Analog sound reader.

88 KB · 417x625
Hand crafted roller system designed to move behind projector...

104 KB · 417x625
Wide shot of power outlet and roller set-up.

101 KB · 417x625
Here's an ad for the drive-in pulled from a local Newsp...

109 KB · 625x417
STRONG Sp-35 Splicer and the "Mule" portable rewin...

95 KB · 625x417
STRONG Super 80 Lamphouse fitted with an OSRAM 4000w bulb. I...

86 KB · 417x625
Close up on the Manual controls for platter system.

94 KB · 418x625
Master Film Tech Wade Ramsey, on opening night making some f...

98 KB · 418x625
It seemed to be a miracle, but we got IRON MAN 2 up on scree...

95 KB · 417x625
Films waiting to run.

76 KB · 417x625
Ballantyne RC-12 coolant system, and home depot bucket. Driv...

112 KB · 625x417
Under the hood. OSRAM 4000w bulb.

105 KB · 625x417
Another shot under the hood. OSRAM 4000w bulb.
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