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Centennial, Colorado USA

The exterior of the Hollywood Theaters Southglenn Stadium 14 on opening night, November 19, 2009.

A red carpet is laid out because every patron is a celebrity. It's true. You can't get in unless you are at least B-list status in the real Hollywood.

Here is the side of the building along an alleyway. This is an effort to advertise upcoming movies to the homeless.

Inside the lobby. Hollywood Southglenn 14 features "reserved seating" where you purchase the exact seat you will park your ass in. If anyone else is sitting in it, they can be arrested.

One of the lower hallways granting access to many of the 14 auditoriums. Most auditoriums were not yet open to the public as the only movie they were showing was the original Twilight, followed by Twilight 2 which would be shown at midnight.

Here is a shot of the lobby from up above. You can purchase tickets via paid employee or automated ticket machine. Believe it or not, purchasing your tickets from the machine does NOT cost more than purchasing from the paid human.

Oh yeah, there is a full restaurant upstairs as well with their own staff. There is live music by a captive band. You don't need to have a movie ticket to enjoy the food and spirits up here.

Here we see Jack Nicholson enjoying some time at the Hollywood Southglenn 14 talking to some guy. Jack won't visit the Regals and the AMCs in town. Jack knows what is best.

Another shot of the upstairs and downstairs lobbies.

The upstairs restaurant also leads to access to the premiere seating area of a few auditoriums (balconies to the layperson). The staff here offer full wait service from your seat in the theater when you buy a premiere ticket. At the far end Twilight 1 runs. I feel sorry for that auditorium.

Here is the premiere area (the balcony). Leather seats, your own set of surrounds, a ledge to jump off of when Will Farrell appears onscreen, etc. Oh, and a $5 addition to the ticket price.

A shot of one of the large auditoriums looking from the balcony. Could that be side masking? In a new theater? Excellent! Hollywood Theaters deserves a commendation for this. Or, at the very least, it has a combination of side and top masking (it looks like the sides are in and the top is down). This particular auditorium has yet to ever play a movie at the time of this picture.

The same auditorium from the front. Yup, each seat has a giant number on it.

Even crippled celebrities are welcome as there is ample seating reserved for them thanks to the ADA who rule over all things constructed.

This theater does not have a projection booth. Each auditorium has a room where you must climb stairs where the projector waits to satisfy the demanding audience. Sony 4Ks are used. 7 auditoriums are 3D.

Press buttons and use the touch screen here to make things happen! Since it is a Sony setup, the entire playlist for any given movie must be rebuilt from scratch every time a "print" is moved. 4K transfers take especially long to transfer. Dealing with license keys and deleting files can only be done during intermission.

The sound rack. Crown XTI 2000 amplifiers, a Crown booth monitor and I am assuming a Crown something-or-other which features the volume knob right below the monitor.

We can't leave without a shot of the smallest house. Unfortunately the exit door is not very well placed due to being changed during the last phase of construction.

The small auditorium looking towards the back. Thanks to Hollywood Theaters for being great sports and professionals while showing us around the building!

Photos from the Joe Redifer collection.

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