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Newport, Rhode Island

The Jane Pickens is an historic single-screen house in downtown Newport. For this year's festival, we had to have a changeover setup installed (temporarily replacing the theatre's normal single machine/platter arrangement) in order to show some archival prints. Michael Schaffer and the rest of the Boston Light & Sound crew did an excellent job.

The Jane Pickens lobby. This building was originally constructed as a bank!

These are the stairs to the booth. All the equipment had to be carried up these steps.

Rental sound setup for the Jane Pickens. This included a CP65 with a DA20. Self-powered QSC speakers were placed behind the screen and the existing Peavey surround speakers were used. Sound quality was excellent.

Rewind bench in the booth.

Two FP-10As were installed for the duration of the festival. Aperture plates had to be cut to support five formats (silent, Academy, 1.66, 1.85, and scope).

Power distribution box in the booth.

Prints that played both here and at the platter house were built up onto Goldberg platter reels. In this house, they played from a double-MUT, located in the room adjacent to the booth. We could take up emulsion-out, then take the platter reel right over to the other theatre and run it there. This saved a tremendous amount of time and print wear.

The video setup in this house included an HDW-D1800, and a J30. The DVD player was for a couple of shorts and on-screen advertising that was shown during intermissions. The laptop was used to control the video projector.

Photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

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