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Newport, Rhode Island

The festival box office is located in a downtown coffee shop.

This festival shows a lot of 35mm film. This is some of the incoming film material (TES had just arrived).

Inspection room rewind bench. We had two film venues this year. One is a platter house. The other had a temporary changeover setup installed for this year's festival to allow us to show archive prints from MOMA. Any film that played at the platter house went onto Goldberg platter reels. These save an incredible amount of time and grief versus having the festival operators do makeup and breakdown in already-crowded booths.

The film and tape inspection room is located a couple of blocks away from the theatres.

Made-up prints on platter reels, ready to go to the theatre.

Here I am inspecting some film.

The video inspection room was adjacent to the film inspection room. We had a number of formats this year, including Beta SP, Digi-Beta, and HD. The monitor was marked for various aspect ratios. The laptop was for email.

Photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

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