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Somerville, Massachusetts

These are pictures of the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA. taken during the Independent Film Festival of Boston in 2009. This is one of four venues for the festival. The theatre is an historic building; cinema #1 is the original 900(-ish)-seat house, while cinemas #2-5 were part of a renovation done in the mid 1990s. There are now three booths -- one for the main house, one for cinemas 2-3, and one for cinemas 4-5.

Sound rack and video equipment for the main house. There is no surround channel yet. The video this year was all HDCAM, which was played on the JH-3 on the right.

Kinoton FP-50 projector for the main house.

AW3 platter with the opening-night film on the top deck.

Panasonic 7700 video projector with HD-SDI card mounted on slide projector shelf.

Video setup for cinema #2, which is one of the newer/smaller houses, with about 150 seats. The video material in this house was primarily on HDCAM, with one DVD and a few shorts on Digi-Beta. The HDW-D1800 deck played both tape formats. The projector was a tabletop Canon LCOS model, mounted on a shelf in the back of the auditorium. The screen was small enough that the image looked good. The film projector is a Simplex.

The setup for cinema #3 in the same booth, also with an HDW-D1800 deck and a Panasonic 7700 video projector. The laptop was used to control the video projector, allowing slight tweaking during a show, without any on-screen menus visible to the audience. Threading the film projector was "fun" with the video projector in place behind the viewing port.

A better shot of the video setup in cinema #3. The booth is small and gets quite crowded with the video equipment in place.

Video and sound setup in the third booth for cinema #4. This house had only HDCAM and 35mm. A smaller Panasonic video projector was mounted on a shelf on the rear wall of the auditorium.

Video setup for cinema #5 (and monitor for cinema #4). This house also had only HDCAM video and 35mm.

Yet another Panasonic 7700 for cinema #5, mounted as in cinema #3. The sound rack can be seen to the right.

Reverse shot of the film and video equipment for cinema #5. This film projector was also not much fun to thread.

The film inspection and makeup area.

The original 1914 main auditorium, with newly installed double-curtains.

Balcony seating. These are the original seats. These are being replaced with new seats over the summer of 2009, and the booth is being re-located in order to provide more seating space.

Photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

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