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Lihula, Estonia

April 2009 photos from the Olev Mihkelmaa collection.

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Lihula is a town in Estonia with 1600 inhabitants. Although ...

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The main hallway to the auditorium.

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The auditorium as viewed from the front.

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The auditorium as viewed from the rear. The screen is change...

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The auditorium as viewed from the balcony. The bad thing wit...

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The projection room with a ghost-projectionist.

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Projectors are 400kg heavy LOMO 23KPK - these projectors wer...

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Have you ever seen something like this before? Dolby Digital...

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A closer look to the projectors head. Constantly lubricated ...

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The automation.

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There is a small screen on the lamphouse, where the xenon ar...

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The lamphouse is vertical and and can run 2kW or 3kW bulbs. ...

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Closer look to the xenon bulb. Air bubbles in the quartz env...

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Opened lamphouse with xenon bulb still glowing. These lampho...

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A heavy power supply. I remember how these beasts were clatt...

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The rewind bench. A lot of leaders must be kept for spares b...

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Old mono amplifier. It's not in use anymore.
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