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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


1980s style marquee.

Interior from Balcony.

Interior and glowing clock from the 1930s.

Projectors: Old Century Cs from 1942 with Xebex lamphouses retrofitted with Techalight mirrors.

Tower rewinder and film cleaner.

Sound rack: CP55 with split surrounds, DTS 6 with a third drive, DA20, power amps.

Dolby Digital (DSTR-20) reader and DTS reader.

Port window with old fire shutter and lead links for the Nitrate days.

Old Goldberg rewinder for 2000-foot reels.

Rewind makeup table.

Video decks: Betacam SP, DVD, Blu-ray, DVCAM, computer linked to video projector.

16mm Phillips.

Old marquee photo from the 1970s when the theater ran porn.

Photos from the Paul Gordon collection.

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