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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Opened in 1947, this cinema ran first run Hollywood product and 70mm epics until the late 1980s when it became an art house cinema.

Bytowne exterior.

Bytowne exterior, marquee.

Interior main floor.

Interior from balcony, theater holds 685 people.

Booth, two Bauer U2s, Strong lamp houses 3000 watt, long play towers or reel to reel operation on 2000- or 5000-foot reels. Used to project 70mm until early 1990s, no longer has mag preamps.

Sound rack, CP65 with SR cards, DVD player, CD player, Booth Monitor, Microphone amp, hearing impaired transmitter.

Amps: QSC MX, TOA for surrounds.

U2 with trailer reel.

U2 and Cinemeccanica Tower.

Makeup table and trailers.

Other makeup table looking into booth.

16mm Prevost with 1600 watt lamp house mod.

Photos from the Paul Gordon collection.

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