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Nicosia, Cyprus

Front view of the multipurpose screening/meeting room with newly installed screen (replacing the 20 year old one). Screen is SunnyScreen FX 1.3 gain from Cinemeccanica. Although the theater does not have a real Dolby or equivalent sound processor, a mixer with a home theater amplifier is utilized with three control series JBL speakers for screen and an active JBL subwoofer.

The rear view of the auditorium showing the projector booth and the JBL surrounds.

In a future upgrade to digital for previewing mainly 3D content, the digital projector will be located in the lower window booth and the 35mm will still be kept.

The screen as seen from the projection booth.

Originally, two Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 projectors with 70mm capability were installed. We upgraded both to new, more compact, Victoria 5 projectors with smaller lamphouses and new lenses which, in the end, offer better light and image. This is the last picture before we removed them. It is worth mentioning the upgrade to red LED readers by BACP on both projectors served well.

The main projectionist and the guy in charge of the cinema division of the PIO (Press and Information Office) for Cyprus. A picture of the last remembrance of the V8 projectors.

For those who never seen the rear of a magnetic head before, some close-ups.

Original audio system, which was replaced years ago with a home theater amplifier solution.

Inside the original audio system.

The make-up and inspection area. All films, before shown in cinemas, are previewed here to offer censorship category.

The first disassembled projector was reassembled for display purposes at the entrance of the theater.

The second disassembled projector lying down. What a pity.

The first new Victoria 5 projector. Both new projectors feature ISCO UltraStar HD lenses, Cinemeccanica basement analogue reader only, manual turret, 12.7mm spindles and Ushio 1.6K lamps in these cute lamphouses. You can see the V8 at the rear before removing.

The second new Victoria 5 projector. Identical to the other. The first projector is one year older than the other due to changing one projector one year and the second the next.

The V5 babies from the stair coming up.

The V5 babies closer.

And the V5 babies side by side.

Original Cinemeccanica rectifiers were kept because they never failed so far and were fine with the new projectors. Of course the rectifier is switched on and off from the control panel of the projector.

The auxiliary exhaust fans on both projectors. Note that these lamphouses inlet air from below from a centrifugal blower instead of the rear or the side and exhaust it upwards. The operation of the lamphouses are always very cool.

Some close-ups of the heads.

And the sound system. Not much, but does the job just fine. Top is a Harman Kardon Prologic A/V amplifier driving the main speakers and subwoofer pre-out and below a Kenwood second amplifier driving the surround speakers. The mixer contains balanced inputs from both machines on separate channels for left and right for each machine so we are using 4 channels on the mixer to be able to balance the sound correctly (hf/gains etc). A 4-pole relay was installed at the base of each projector and when the dowser is raised the relay allows the sound to pass to the mixer. It works beautifully as the changeover flawlessly drops the dowser of the other projector when starter.

Photos from the Demetris Thoupis collection.

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