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Nicosia, Cyprus

May 2009 photos from the Demetris Thoupis collection.

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Front view of the multipurpose screening/meeting room with n...

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The rear view of the auditorium showing the projector booth ...

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In a future upgrade to digital for previewing mainly 3D cont...

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The screen as seen from the projection booth.

123 KB · 469x625
Originally, two Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 projectors with 70m...

114 KB · 469x625
The main projectionist and the guy in charge of the cinema d...

126 KB · 469x625
For those who never seen the rear of a magnetic head before,...

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100 KB · 469x625
Original audio system, which was replaced years ago with a h...

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Inside the original audio system.

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The make-up and inspection area. All films, before shown in ...

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The first disassembled projector was reassembled for display...

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The second disassembled projector lying down. What a pity.

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The first new Victoria 5 projector. Both new projectors feat...

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The second new Victoria 5 projector. Identical to the other....

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The V5 babies from the stair coming up.

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The V5 babies closer.

80 KB · 469x625
And the V5 babies side by side.

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Original Cinemeccanica rectifiers were kept because they nev...

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The auxiliary exhaust fans on both projectors. Note that the...

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Some close-ups of the heads.

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And the sound system. Not much, but does the job just fine. ...
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