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Cambridge, Massachusetts

Temporary setup at the Hyatt Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts

January 2009 photos from the Scott Norwood collection.

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Bell and Howell MARC-300 16mm projector, now with auto-threa...

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A general shot of the "booth" area. The 35mm proj...

72 KB · 625x415
The booth interior, showing the MP-30 portable 35mm projecto...

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Exterior of the "booth," shot from the opposite an...

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Product placement shot for Dust-Off.

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Some of the films that we showed.

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A shot of the operator side of the MP-30s.

67 KB · 625x469
Reverse shot of the MP-30s, showing the belt-driven mechanis...

75 KB · 415x625
Projection and viewing "ports," along with the fil...

65 KB · 625x415
This is our makeshift Neumade rewind bench. Films were insp...

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General shots of the room, front and rear views. There were...

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Screen with logo slide during an intermission.

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Me looking confused.

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Sound rack. We didn't actually use the CP-50; we just ...

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Home-built subwoofer below the screen.

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Extra supplies and scope lenses.
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