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Houston, TX

The world's first truly automated projection booth.

March 2009 photos from the Brad Miller / Josh Jones collection.

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This is Studio Movie Grill's 7th theater. The theater ...

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It is located in the new City Centre district of Houston, TX...

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The theater is on the second floor of the building. The fut...

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Escalators lead the way to the entrance. There is also a pa...

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The main entrance.

38 KB · 625x469
The main entrance, a little closer.

55 KB · 625x469
Box office.

67 KB · 625x469
The lobby, north and west walls.

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The lobby, west and south walls.

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The bar.

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Poster cases by the exit.

48 KB · 625x469
Main theater entrance hallway.

53 KB · 625x469
Far end of the main theater entrance hallway.

32 KB · 625x469
You may have noticed these lights. They are activated when ...

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This is a typical auditorium entrance, except of course that...

41 KB · 625x469
This is a medium sized auditorium. All auditoriums have sid...

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Reverse shot of a medium auditorium.

35 KB · 469x625
The exterior at night.

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The escalators at night.

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The box office at night as customers arrive.

49 KB · 469x625
The lobby at night.

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This location features a scene change at 9pm each day. The...

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These pictures were taken on a mildly busy night. Often the...

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Besides a scene change at night, the entire building is auto...

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Ok, ok, this is a movie website and you've had enough p...

37 KB · 625x469
And here it is. This projection booth as designed and built...

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These projectors monitor the ticketing system and perform va...

41 KB · 625x469
We are using a mixture of Christie ZX (pictured here) and SB...

33 KB · 625x469
This is the first generation of these automated racks design...

50 KB · 625x469
Closeup shot of a Christie ZX with a MALM (motorized auxilia...

31 KB · 625x469
Here is a shot of the Christie SB model projector. This par...

41 KB · 469x625
Reverse shot of the SB. We forgot to get more pictures of t...

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In the middle of the booth are the Matrix/IT racks.

35 KB · 625x469
The left rack is the Matrix rack for projection, and the rig...

47 KB · 469x625
Shot of the front side of the Matrix rack. The rear of the ...

46 KB · 625x469
This is a medium sized auditorium before the screen went up.

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The back of a rack.

46 KB · 469x625
The back of a rack with the door open. (We forgot to get a ...

82 KB · 469x625
The bottom rear of a rack.

42 KB · 625x469
And the only picture that was taken during the install, feat...
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