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Denver, CO

The Century Bel Mar 16 is located in the legendary town of Lakewood, Colorado. It was purchased by Cinemark so that Front Row Joe could have a larger audience. Now Front Row Joe is more beloved than Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse COMBINED.

The theater itself is quite difficult to locate as lots of expensive apartments and a few shops literally surround the entire thing. It is supposed to be "trendy", but it fails.

Upon entering the lobby, you will notice a THX sign. There's also some other crap like a concession stand, but the THX sign looks better and is more interesting than anything or anyone else in the lobby. All 16 screens are THX certified.

Here is an aerial view of the concession stand I got as I was hangliding across the lobby. I think it is some sort of self-serve setup... I don't really know and the whole thing looks very confusing so I avoid it and spend my money elsewhere.

Another aerial shot of the lobby. A giant standee of Eddie Murphy's face is always a treat... one wonders why those tables aren't packed with patrons as a result.

This is the hallway for auditoriums 1-8. Somewhere in this area is the bathroom which can be seen in the video tour of this place, which is in the Videos section of the site.

The entrance to the large screen auditoriums.

Here is one of the two big screen auditoriums. I believe this is #8. Front Row Joe loops endlessly for the thrilled audiences morning, noon and night. This has caused surprisingly few suicides at this location.

Here is one of the medium/small auditoriums. #1 or #2 I think. My money is on #1.

Now we're up in the booth! Notice the booth is carpeted. CARPET! That rules. Only cheap-o owners install tile or (ug) cement floors. Thumbs up to the former Century Theaters chain! Hell, they even have a ceiling which is unheard of in recent builds.

The equipment is your typical Christie package circa about two or three years ago. The projectors all have back-assward failsafes. I do not approve. Threading diagrams are on each lamphouse due to the inability to keep skilled operators employed.

This is the platter and sound rack for one of the large auditoriums (and for the projector pictured above). Dolby CP650s, QSC amps and THX in each house.

I do not understand why the booth has to be this thin in this area. I demanded that they change it, but they did not comply.

Everyone loves vertically staggered projectors scattered randomly throughout the booth. Forethought in design, to be sure.

Looking down from one of the higher projectors. Despite having a full set of Film-Tech™ Platter Safety Rings, the Usher-B's here use annoying film belts.

Here is the make-up area of the Cinemark Century Bel Mar 16 Theaters.

Another view of the make-up area, just in case you didn't get the general gist of the thing from the last pic.

Looking towards the end of the north booth. Another film belt awaits relocation on the left.

Here is the end of the north booth along with a ramp for wheelchair access. I wonder how handicapped Usher-Bs are able to thread the projectors which require ascending stairs. I think that maybe I will report this theater to the proper authorities for their evil workplace discrimination.

Here is the Usher-B desk/office. Lots of Filmgaurd and Film-Tech media pads, but they say they do not like Filmguard. A reason was not given. What does that say on the booth dry-erase board? Let's move in closer!

Written in red is the command "TVs on each morning!" Here they must order the booth crew to be lazy and watch TV. Also, watch out for the leader!

Here is where they store film cans and the like. The sink doubles as a toilet since there is no bathroom installed anywhere on the second floor, unless I missed something.

Here is a small auditorium. Dolby Digital in every house. No DTS, no SDDS. That's just fine.

The sound rack for a small house. Look at all of those unassembled Safety Rings back there!

Here is the office where employees clock in and out. I probably should not be in here, but I sneaked in anyway and clocked in. I never clocked out and my hours are adding up. Even at minimum wage, Cinemark owes me a huge check by now! I'm sure they'll be more than happy to pay after reading my loving captions on this page.

Photos from the Joe Redifer collection.

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