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The opening night feed.

The Masons got video this year.


The Masons also got SRD this year as well as a Dolby CP65.

Masons sound rack.

Not much changed here except for the addition of the penthouse reader.

New video projector at the Masons.

The rear of the Mason's sound rack can be serviced by walking across the balcony and accessing it from outside the booth.

This year the public library became home of another venue.

This new venue has been given the name The Back Lot. Any bets on whether they will update the "take 1" to "take 2" for the 2008 festival?

Inside the library/entrance to the Back Lot.

The outdoor theater this year got to run a soon to-be-released movie Into the Wild with Sean Penn in attendance.

Inside the Back Lot auditorium.

Reverse view of the Back Lot auditorium.

Shot of Telluride from behind the Galaxy theater after a brief rain.

Another shot.

The back of the Back Lot venue is where the "booth" hides.

Behind that curtain lives the video equipment. This venue does not run film.

The Galaxy rehearses with an orchestra to play alongside a restored silent film.

Another shot of the orchestra rehearsing.

Another shot of the orchestra rehearsing.

Daniel Day Lewis was also in attendance to do a Q&A and promote his new film There Will Be Blood.

A few shots from the gondola...the primary transportation between Telluride and Mountain Village (where the Chuck Jones Cinema resides).

View from the gondola of Telluride.

Another view from the gondola.

The memorabilia shop at the Telluride Film Festival.

Here you can buy t-shirts and all sorts of items to help support the festival and as souvenirs.

Wait a that...??? Yup, that's where all of our much needed house reels keep disappearing to!

More shots of the memorabilia shop.

And running the Galaxy are Brad Jones, Brad Miller, Dan Lyons and Joel Rice. (Sorry, it was too busy last year to get shots of all the other booth teams.)

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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