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August 2007 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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The opening night feed.

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The Masons got video this year.

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The Masons also got SRD this year as well as a Dolby CP65.

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Masons sound rack.

45 KB · 469x625
Not much changed here except for the addition of the penthou...

38 KB · 625x469
New video projector at the Masons.

46 KB · 469x625
The rear of the Mason's sound rack can be serviced by w...

37 KB · 625x469
This year the public library became home of another venue.

60 KB · 625x469
This new venue has been given the name The Back Lot. Any be...

50 KB · 625x469
Inside the library/entrance to the Back Lot.

15 KB · 625x469
The outdoor theater this year got to run a soon to-be-releas...

34 KB · 625x469
Inside the Back Lot auditorium.

39 KB · 625x469
Reverse view of the Back Lot auditorium.

41 KB · 625x469
Shot of Telluride from behind the Galaxy theater after a bri...

25 KB · 625x469
Another shot.

30 KB · 625x469
The back of the Back Lot venue is where the "booth"...

47 KB · 625x469
Behind that curtain lives the video equipment. This venue d...

19 KB · 625x469
The Galaxy rehearses with an orchestra to play alongside a r...

32 KB · 625x469
Another shot of the orchestra rehearsing.

24 KB · 625x469
Another shot of the orchestra rehearsing.

28 KB · 625x469
Daniel Day Lewis was also in attendance to do a Q&A and ...

55 KB · 625x469
A few shots from the gondola...the primary transportation be...

58 KB · 625x469
View from the gondola of Telluride.

64 KB · 625x469
Another view from the gondola.

55 KB · 625x469
The memorabilia shop at the Telluride Film Festival.

59 KB · 625x469
Here you can buy t-shirts and all sorts of items to help sup...

59 KB · 625x469
Wait a that...??? Yup, that's where all of...

40 KB · 625x469
More shots of the memorabilia shop.

40 KB · 625x338
And running the Galaxy are Brad Jones, Brad Miller, Dan Lyon...
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