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September 2006 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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Entrance to the opening feed of the 33rd Telluride Film Fest...

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The lines are long, the people are hungry.

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many tables of food are set up and there is little waiting.

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Eating and talking. People in black are from L.A.

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Ah yes, drinks are served. There was a lot of Hieneken beer....

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Food line.

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Telluride has many summer festivals. They all get a banner a...

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Doug Mobley and his butterfly

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CP-200 soundrack for the decommissioned Max theatre. There i...

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All that's left of the Max booth is some pedestals and ...

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Mother is our town wide radio communications system. Greg Ca...

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Mother has a nice reconditioned TV mobile broadcasting trail...

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Radio Racks in the broadcast trailer.

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Pond in Town Park where the Labor Day picnic was held.

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Food serving tents are set up and grills are fired.

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Tents are set up with tables for some. Most eat on the grass...

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Get your food. Omaha Steaks is the sponsor.

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Condiment station.

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Technicians and Film Inspectors commingling. Sam Chavez, Pau...

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Paul Burt has been head of Film Inspection for 25-years and ...

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Ice Cream is served.

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This is the way the congnisenti eat. Wear sunscreen!

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Table hopping is fun.

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At noon every day of the Festival there is a panel discussio...

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What's everybody looking at?

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San Miguel River

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Too bad the views suck in this neighborhood.

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Looking West along Colorado Avenue.

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High Angle.

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Looking East along Colorado Avenue from a high angle.

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