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TSIB stands for Telluride Shipping and Inspection Bureau. Head inspector Paul Burt is checking in a film, while film shipper Chris Robinson PHD (seated) tracks packages.

Film inspector and Lawyer Pam Chandran who is getting married to Chuck Jones and Dolby projectionist, Bruce Mazen, checks in a film.

Wine enthusiast, Steve Marsh is reloading a core using a tight wind.

Paul Burt is wondering why Steve Marsh is winding so fast.

Chris Robinson yelling in to the phone. No, Chris, the film won't get here any faster if you yell.

Telluride is a small festival 39 programs, but there are still heaps of film. Film inspection takes place in the ski patrol locker room.


Clyde McKinney packs boxes going back to Boston Light and Sound.

Jim Bedford AKA known as B.F.Deal works in his office at TSIB. B.F. has been Operations Manager for the Telluride Film Festival for all of it's 33-years, even before he know what he was doing. Don't talk to him, he's busy!

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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