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La Pierre (formerly Minnie) theatre at the high school in Telluride is the Festival's smallest venue at 130 seats.

142 seats all stadium seating. The art is huge blow ups of old film can lables.

The screen is small. This is the high school's wrestling and climbing gym.

Booth is tidy with the standard Strong/Century package that Boston Light and Sound likes.

Reverse shot of booth. What high School do you know that has 3 projection booths? The kids don't get to play with them.

Sound Rack and part of the video rig for Pierre.

This booth didn't have the Panasonic, but I think it was an Eiki LCD projector. Let's not dwell on it.

Rewind area is behind the sound rack making it easy to light and roomy to work. Projectionist Patty Bluefield-Lecht from Aspen keeps an eye on things.

The small lobby of La Pierre. Custom carpet is also film can lables.

But the bathrooms are conveniently located right in the lobby.

The LaPierre featured the best projection team in the 2006 Telluride Film Festival. Booth Chief Erik Teevin wears his ever-present hat, Patty Bluefield-Lecht is the woman, Dan Gray & Brian Graney

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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