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September 2006 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

49 KB · 625x416
Video rig for the Opera House in the smallest booth at the f...

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Sound Rack for Opera House, you can't actually reach to...

36 KB · 625x416
#2 Century projector with Strong lamphouse. Note the steep a...

34 KB · 625x416
Film inspection and rewind area is actually a bump out tacke...

32 KB · 625x416
The Opera House from the balcony.

41 KB · 625x416
Reverse shot of Opera House auditorium. Some unlucky soul ge...

33 KB · 625x416
Balcony lobby of the Opera House.

45 KB · 625x416
Main floor lobby of the Opera House with Concession stand. T...

46 KB · 625x416
Lower lobby and entrance to Opera House. Festival Opera Hous...

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Main floor seating isn't a bad place to watch a movie. ...

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Screen rolls up to reveal a stage.

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Front of Opera House with the awning for pass holders. Note ...
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