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September 2006 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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Nugget Theatre, Telluride's only year around movie thea...

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The theatre faces South and the newly remodeled building has...

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Concession stand of the Nugget Theatre.

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Auditorium of the Nugget Theatre. 180-seats, rough wood pane...

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Projection booth Nugget Theatre. Ceilings are 6'-tall. ...

44 KB · 625x416
Rewind area

43 KB · 625x416
Film inspection/build up area with lamp exhaust in the upper...

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Soundrack with Dolby CP-65, DA-20, and QSC USA-900 amps.

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Reverse shot of Nugget auditorium.

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Forward shot of Nugget auditorium.

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Sandy McLaughlin (right) has run the concession stand at the...

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People lined up to see a film at the Nugget.

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The Nugget featured the best projection team in the 2006 Tel...
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