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Galaxy has newly installed Century JJs.

Galaxy projection booth, Strong lamphouses, Century JJ projectors, Panasonic DW 7000 video projector.

70mm film threaded up and running. The 70mm feature was Play Time a French film.

Bill Hill keeping an eye on things.

The Galaxy is Telluride's most lavishly decorated theatre.

Reverse shot, Galaxy. Auditorium is half stadium seating. Seats are from United Artists Greenwood Plaza. This is actually the elementary school's gymnasium.

Niches along the wall are decorated as well.

Galaxy indoor concession stand. There is an outdoor concession stand as well as most people have to wait in line.

The best booth stairs ever! actually the elementary schools staircase to the second floor.

Entrance to the Galaxy Theatre and box office.

#1 Century JJ with a 70mm projector alignment loop.

The Galaxy featured the best projection team in the 2006 Telluride Film Festival. "The Reel" Bill Hill, Joel Rice, Brad Jones and Dean Silver.

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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