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Chuck Jones Cinema, Conference Center, Franz Klammer Lodge, Mountain Village a 14-minute gondola ride away from Telluride.

Reverse shot, Chuck Jones Cinema.

Sound Rack Chuck Jones Cinema. CP-65, DA-20, QSC MX-1500 Amps

#2 projector, Chuck Jones Cinema. Brenkert BX-60 w/Dolby Digital penthouse.

Video set up Chuck Jones Cinema. Panasonic PT-DW7000U-K WXGA 3-Chip Projector. Did a very nice job. Panasonic is the digital projector sponsor for the Telluride Film Festival. The deck is a Sony HD and Digi Beta projector.

Nice spacious booth, plenty of room for two 35s and a video projector.

Projectionist Bruce Mazen rewinds.

Projectionist Ian Price wonders where this plug goes? That's a Kinoton FP-16.

Concession Stand for the Chuck Jones.

Lobby of the Chuck Jones. All art is just for the Film Festival. Remember, "The Show starts on the sidewalk."

Those are paintings by Chuck Jones above the doors and all throughout the auditorium.

Chuck Jones.

Entrance to the Chuck Jones Cinema.

Crashed spaceship of Marvin the Martian in front of community climbing wall at the Chuck Jones Cinema. Note that it smokes.

Closing party at the Chuck Jones. From right, Ian Bald, Jim Bedford, Stella Pence, unknown, Bill Pence.

Dance Floor set up in the front of auditorium for closing party.

Let's boogie!

Most people were interested in eating, drinking and smoozing.

Some went for quiet conversation.

See you next year Chuck.

Tables were set up in back of the auditorium for the wrap party. It was made especially poignantdo to the announcement that Bill and Stella Pence were retiring after 33-years of running the Festival.

The Chuck Jones Theater featured the best projection team in the 2006 Telluride Film Festival. Bruce Mazen, Peter Halter, Ryan G. Smith, Ian Price. Bruce wouldn't smile, so nobody smiles.

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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