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September 2006 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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Chuck Jones Cinema, Conference Center, Franz Klammer Lodge, ...

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Reverse shot, Chuck Jones Cinema.

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Sound Rack Chuck Jones Cinema. CP-65, DA-20, QSC MX-1500 Amp...

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#2 projector, Chuck Jones Cinema. Brenkert BX-60 w/Dolby Dig...

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Video set up Chuck Jones Cinema. Panasonic PT-DW7000U-K WXGA...

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Nice spacious booth, plenty of room for two 35s and a video ...

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Projectionist Bruce Mazen rewinds.

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Projectionist Ian Price wonders where this plug goes? That&#...

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Concession Stand for the Chuck Jones.

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Lobby of the Chuck Jones. All art is just for the Film Festi...

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Those are paintings by Chuck Jones above the doors and all t...

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Chuck Jones.

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Entrance to the Chuck Jones Cinema.

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Crashed spaceship of Marvin the Martian in front of communit...

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Closing party at the Chuck Jones. From right, Ian Bald, Jim ...

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Dance Floor set up in the front of auditorium for closing pa...

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Let's boogie!

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Most people were interested in eating, drinking and smoozing...

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Some went for quiet conversation.

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See you next year Chuck.

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Tables were set up in back of the auditorium for the wrap pa...

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The Chuck Jones Theater featured the best projection team in...
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