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Living/Screening room. Looking NW at Gary Stanley (who installed the booth) and the 9'x12' DaLite motorized screen down. Blackout blinds not drawn.

Living/Screening room. Looking NE back towards the booth at center right. Installer Gary Stanley takes a load off. Anyone else have a shrubbery surrounding their booth port?

Booth port with shrubbery.

Aah, P35C Christie heads w/ORC1000's running 750W bulbs. If there was a good Christie, this was it. Two projector ORC1000 booths should have an entire spare lamp.

Films inspected here.

Changeovers anyone?

Make Up!

Looking SW. Screen down, blinds up, chairs set up for boob-tubing.

View out the window behind the screen in early September just before the leaves start to change. We are so lucky to live here!

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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