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Arlington, TX, USA

A 9 screen ground up dinner and a movie build.

January 2007 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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On January 15, 2007 Studio Movie Grill opened their newest t...

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This theater has 9 screens.

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The lobby.

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The box office, complete with an ecstatic woman showing off ...

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The fully loaded bar.

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Back hallway towards theaters 1-5.

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This theater only has 3 auditorium sizes. This is the large...

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The screen is a little over 60 feet wide.

24 KB · 625x416
Large auditorium with preshow running as people are arriving...

22 KB · 625x416
Reverse shot of the large auditorium. You can't quite ...

42 KB · 625x469
This is one of the medium sized auditoriums. That's Je...

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A medium sized auditorium with a movie running.

25 KB · 625x416
Reverse shot of a medium auditorium. The projectionist/AV b...

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Shot of a small auditorium.

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Reverse shot of a small auditorium. Again you can see the p...

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The kitchen.

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Grills, fryers, etc.

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Dishwashing station.

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More grills and food prep area. This kitchen can crank out ...

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The projection booth by the far end looking east.

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The projection booth as viewed from approximately the center...

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The latest incarnation of the platter array.

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As before, Kinoton PK60 projectors are mated with Christie S...

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A Kelmar dimmer is seen at the far right. The controls unde...

36 KB · 625x416
Projection system for auditorium 2, a medium size house. Th...

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The films threaded up and ready to run the first show of the...

46 KB · 625x469
Shot from the ceiling at the east end looking west.

55 KB · 625x469
Reverse shot of the films threaded with one already running.

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Auditoriums 7, 8 and 9 on the east side. If you look closel...

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Reverse shot at the same position.

40 KB · 625x416
This time we have 5 slidebars in front of each platter. Thi...

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Wide shot of the booth with all films running.

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The sound rack for the large auditorium. Dolby CP650s with ...

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This is the same rack, but with the rolling AV rack hooked u...

29 KB · 416x625
This is the central AV distribution rack. From here an audi...

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This is a sound rack for one of the small auditoriums.

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As mentioned before, one of the new features of this platter...

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The lighting makes this difficult to see, but this is a shot...

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Due to construction delays, Brad Miller and Chris Hipp built...
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