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Houston, TX, USA

June 2006 photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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Box office

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The bar (unfinished as of the date of this picture)

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Theater entrance

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Theater hallway.

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Shot of a medium house with a movie running.

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Shot of a medium house with movie running.

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Shot of a medium house during intermission.

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The small auditorium.

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Another medium sized auditorium with preshow video running. ...

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The kitchen.

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Pizza prep area.

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Fryers in the foreground, grill in the background.

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Reverse shot of the fryers and grill.

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Dishwashing area.

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Final assembly line for burgers and such.

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Pizza line.

66 KB · 625x416
Soft drink station, centrally located in the hallway. Waite...

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The projection room with Kinoton PK60 heads on Christie SLC ...

55 KB · 625x416
View of standard setup. Double port windows were used to fa...

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Sound rack for the large auditorium. QSC amplifiers and spe...

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Wide shot of the back end of the projection room.

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Shot down one of the sides of the projection room. No this ...

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And this is why, the platter array.

85 KB · 625x416
All of the platters are located in a centralized spot in the...

84 KB · 625x416
The outlets you see on the floor are hard wired into a rack ...

87 KB · 625x410
Another shot of the platter array setup.

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Projector #1 has the longest stretch, as the film gets to tr...

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...this fun hallway.

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Projector #1. This is the smallest auditorium in the buildi...

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A shot of the projection equipment setup for #6, a medium si...

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The monitor you see at the top of this sound rack is connect...

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A shot of the rear side of the not-quite-finished sound rack...

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These platters are the only thing that was not purchased new...

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Another shot of the dual payout modification. In this pictu...

90 KB · 416x625
Another nice little item offered from MiT...a water circulat...

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Anyone up for a few construction pictures? This used to be ...

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The wall you see is the original wall seperating auditoriums...

71 KB · 625x469
Isn't vandalism wonderful? Either it was an amazing co...

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This muriel on the wall was about all that was left of the o...

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Well, the new equipment had to get into the booth SOMEHOW.

90 KB · 625x469
For those who didn't notice earlier, along the drop cei...

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Resurfacing the platters. Before (complete with amazing dus...

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The upper wireway in action.

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The new mezzanine extension for projector #1.

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Auditorium #2 nearing completion.

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This one auditorium used 156 speakers!!! Harkins talk...
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