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Cypress, California

Sound rack assembly and wiring

Autowind assembly and run-in test area

Autowind assembly

Autowind assembly

SLC Console pre-QC area

QC finished and ready for panels

Final QC test room

CCX Power Supply assembly

Small parts assembly (IGA Igniters)

P-35 Projector assembly arera

P-35 projector assembly area

P-35 Projector final assembly area

SLC Console assembly area

Small parts assembly area

CP-2000 in the Christie Theatre

The Christie Theatre

The Christie Theatre

The Christie Theatre

SLC Consoles waiting for final QC

SLC Consoles in the que

Autowind assembly area

P-35 GPS

Final QC test room

Final QC test room

SLC Console in final QC

Systems waiting for final QC check-out

Final QC test

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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