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Washington, DC, USA

The Avalon was built in 1922 and has been owned by several chains. The previous owner (Loews-Cineplex) ran the theatre into the ground, closed it and did a "slash and burn" job. The Avalon was renovated and reopened in 2003 by a community group, The Avalon Theatre Project. The presentation is now much improved.

Booth for theatre 2. Drive-In platter, Century SA, Eprad lamphouse, and Sharp video projector.

Century SA projector.

Soundrack for theatre 2 with Dolby CP55.

The original dimmer is no longer used.

A dye-transfer print of "Wizard of Oz" projected in the big house.

The lobby looking towards the entrance to the big theatre.

Auditorium 1 as seen from the booth. Masking stops are preset for 1:1.33, 1:1.66, 1:1.85, and 1:2.39. Both theatres can show all four formats as well as video.

Auditorium 1 as seen from the screen.

The booth for theatre 1. Drive-In platter, Strong Super 80 lamphouse, Century JJ projector.

Century JJ. The Eiki video projector can be seen in the background. The Avalon has a Betacam SP player and two DVD players.

Soundrack for theatre 1 with Panastereo CSP1200, DTS 6D, and QSC amps.

Photos from the George Roher collection.

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