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Langdon, ND, USA

View of century equipment open and ready for threading.

Potts Alpha platter and Makeup table were purchased new in 1998

Potts Alpha platter

Sound rack contains: Ultra Stereo JS 200, CD player and DTS 6D. Not shown is an ADCOM GTP 600 pre-amlifier fed into the Ultra Stereo’s Auxiliary inputs for DVD sound. The outputs of the JS 200 are converted to balanced signal and sent backstage via an 8 pair snake.

Amplifiers are located back-stage behind screen. Shown are two Crown CE 2000’s and one CE 1000. Not shown is the JBL dual 18 subwoofer located under the stage.

Pre show ads and entertainment are delivered via a video projection system. We can also show DVD’s for special events using this system.

Sanyo 4100 lumen projector provides adequate light on the screen. Just a bit darker than our regular projected image.

Original vintage electrical panel provides power for all single phase booth equipment.

Original electrical panels are still in use providing single phase and three phase power to all theater equipment.

Detail shot of DA-LITE scenic roller screen.

This is the Roxy Theater, Langdon ND USA. The Roxy is a single screen theater built in 1936 and operated continuously until closing in 1995. It was then purchased by The Northern Lights Arts Council and extensively renovated, re-opening in February of 1998. The Roxy’s normal schedule shows film Friday through Monday nights. You can see by the picture that the theaters width was limited by the city’s 25 foot wide lots. Dimensions are 25 X 150. The Roxy is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. One of the more unique features of the Roxy is the large marquee.

View of the tiny snack bar.

Ticket booth is original

This view of the auditorium is taken from the center observation port in the projection booth projection throw is 116 feet. The original backup lenses for the anamorphic attachments had a nine inch E.F.L!!! We now use an ISCO reverse anamorphic with a 115 mm backup lens.

The marquee is lit by 570 incandescent bulbs and about 200 feet of neon tube which was replaced in 2001.

This shot was taken from the front of the balcony. The auditorium’s main floor seats have been replaced, and an extension has been added to the stage for live event use. The auditorium now seats 200 on the main level. Originally, it seated 380 – original seats were very small with row spacing very tight. The original seats started only 6 feet from the front of the screen. Note the interesting wall sconces, JBL surround speakers and JBL 4675C speaker modified for flying above the screen. The theater is equipped with a 22 foot wide by 12 foot tall DA-LITE Scenic Roller screen. Bottom masking is used for 2.35:1 features. This screen was installed to allow access to the back-stage area where electrical, air-handling, and sound equipment are located. It is also used to get the screen out of harms way for live events.

Looking up from the front of the balcony you can see the original seats and the front of the booth. The balcony will accommodate 80 brave souls if they are not concerned about having feeling in their legs after the first hour of the movie. The seats are mounted in a stadium configuration.

JBL Surround speakers were added in a sound upgrade in 2000. Eight surround speakers wash the audience from the sides of the auditorium.

The balcony as seen from the stage.

Our projector: from top to bottom, Kelmar film cleaner (Film-Tech media pads treated with FilmGuard), DTS reader, Century C, Century R5 (equipped with Kelmar IR reverse scan optical reader), Kelmar fail-safe with cue pickup. The Kneisley Xenex II lamp-house and Kni-Tron rectifier were purchased new in 1998 and is fitted with a 1600 watt bulb. This lamp-house provides an average of 19 foot-lamberts illumination to the screen through Isco Ultra MC lenses when tested with RP-40 film. The projector and sound head were purchased used from a local drive-in for $500.00 (for two of each) The original booth contained Super Simplex projector heads mounted to SH-1000 sound heads lit by Peerless Magnarcs. The exciter lamp supply was a home-made regulated unit, and amplification was supplied by a 30 watt PA amp. Sadly I don’t have pictures available for the original booth.

From this shot you can see the vintage Century base. The Kelmar IR power supply is mounted behind the round door in the base.

Close-up of the Century equipment

Note the 4 inch lens barrel. This projector head is also equipped with a curved film gate. Unusual for a C head.

Photos from the Steve Hart collection.

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