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Rexburg, Idaho, USA

These are pictures from 1971 at Monte Fullmer's first projectionist job. This drive-in is still in operation, but the machinery has been changed out due to the massive 1976 Teton Dam flood that almost wiped out this drive in. The drive in was rebuilt the following year to continue operation. The machinery that was installed after the flood to were the Ballantyne PRO 35s's EPRAD SWORD 13k reel system and radio sound. This picture is a view from Highway 20 heading north from Rexburg, Idaho.

Picture of the yard facing the screen from the side of the building. Throw from lens to screen was 185 feet.

Picture of the left side of the yard. Yard held 350 cars

Picture of the machinery: Motiograph AA's Ballantyne Model 6 soundheads, Ashcraft Corelite lamphouses. The barrel on the floor was the coolers for the positive silver contact's. The positive carbons rotated within silver contacts. Carbon rod sizes were the 10mm positives and the 9mm negatives.

Picture of the inside of the Ashcraft showing the mirror and arc rod arrangement.

Picture of the operator side of the AA and Ballantyne

Picture of the bench layout and rectifiers for the lamphouses.

Picture of the Motiograph amplifiers and exiter power supply for the system, plus the Golde film rewinder.

Picture of the left side of the snackbar, being self service.

Picture of the right side of the snackbar, where patrons enter in.

Photos from the Monte Fullmer collection.

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