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Belluno, Italy

The projection booth with Kinoton system.

The ST 2000 EK endless loop system.

View from the top of ST 2000 EK working good even with a very oily film.

Equipment for the single auditorium.

Close-up of Projector Kinoton FP 30D.

Rack audio: every auditorium is equipped with Dolby CP 650 with amplifiers PeeckerSound 8x500 Watt, the loudspeaker system is JBL.

View of Sala Rossa - 105 seats each auditorium is equipped with Harkness's screen.

Auditorium are small but very comfortable featured with Destro Spa seating.

View of Sala Blu - 107 seats.

The main concession stand and the lobby with the Box Office on the left.

Photos from the Giovanni & Valentina collection.

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