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Geldrop, The Netherlands

Screen width 230 cm. Screen height can be adjusted for 1.66 , 1.85 and scope.

Seating is type "Uncle Wim's Favorite".

The projector is directly at the booth door.

Philips FP56 eagerly looking at the screen.

In the carbon-arc lamphouse is now an UHP 150W "beamer" lamp, soon to be replaced by xenon because it's not possible to get the color temperature right.

Of course Philips' fantastic 1938-design reverse scan sound head; CP50 and 4 Philips SQ4 power amplifiers (the blanked-out part bottom right).

Entrance through the garden. The blue doors are the projection-booth / closet. The owner is thinking over his life.

Photos from the Emiel de Jong collection.

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