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Fairfield, CT, USA

Exterior of the Community Theatre showing the original "1936" neon marquee. The theatre opened in 1922, but did not have this marquee until a renovation was completed in 1936.

Here is the Century MSA projector with a Xetron lamp house in Cinema 1. The lamp is 2500w. The equipment is the same as Cinema 2.

This is the Xetron MUT for the 5 deck platter. Hanging above is the Goldberg retractable split reel.

Just inside the front doors here is a view of the Box Office. It used to have a full piece of glass with a little hole to talk through, but that was removed to make it more customer friendly.

Shot of the concession stand. You can see the Newman's Own poster in the left hand side of the picture. Paul Newman, who only lives a few miles away in Westport, is a generous supporter of this historic not-for-profit theatre.

Shot of the stairs leading to the balcony in Cinema 1.

These are the creaky wooden stairs leading to the projection booth. Note how small the entry doorway is. I was told having a small doorway was part of the fire code in the 1920's.

This is the 5 deck Xetron platter. The only solution for a booth this small.

This is our print work area. All prints are made up here before being loaded onto the platter.

Here is the audio rack in Cinema 1. It includes a USL JS-220 processor, Ashly FTX-2001 Amplifiers and a Lexicon RT-10 DVD player to interface with our LCD projector (Christie LX-45).

Exterior by day.

Marquee side dedicated to cinema 1.

Marquee side dedicated to cinema 2.

Photos from the Bryan Fournier collection.

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