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Fairfield, CT, USA

June 2004 photos from the Bryan Fournier collection.

80 KB · 625x469
Exterior of the Community Theatre showing the original "...

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Here is the Century MSA projector with a Xetron lamp house i...

66 KB · 469x625
This is the Xetron MUT for the 5 deck platter. Hanging above...

56 KB · 625x469
Just inside the front doors here is a view of the Box Office...

73 KB · 625x469
Shot of the concession stand. You can see the Newman's ...

49 KB · 625x469
Shot of the stairs leading to the balcony in Cinema 1.

54 KB · 625x469
These are the creaky wooden stairs leading to the projection...

59 KB · 625x469
This is the 5 deck Xetron platter. The only solution for a b...

57 KB · 625x469
This is our print work area. All prints are made up here bef...

74 KB · 469x625
Here is the audio rack in Cinema 1. It includes a USL JS-220...

January 2003 photos from the Roger Katz collection.

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Exterior by day.

40 KB · 450x338
Marquee side dedicated to cinema 1.

35 KB · 450x338
Marquee side dedicated to cinema 2.
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