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Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine, Italy

The Auditorium. This is the biggest one in the Friuli region, with more than 900 seats. The screen is 10 x 5 meter aprox. On the top of the picture are visible the three loudspeakers of the delayed sound system.

The automation matrix mounted on the side of the left projector.

The sound rack. The processor is a Dolby CP 650 with the EX option. The black boxes are the eight d&b E-PAC amplifiers, followed by the three ECLER amplifiers that drive the surround loudspeakers. The equaliser on the bottom has been installed in case of an external feed is needed.

A view of the back of the auditorium.

A side view of the auditorium, showing the surround channel loudspeakers (Ecler Awak 108i). Due to the big dimension of the auditorium, there are 22 loduspeakers installed!

This is a detail of the delay system, used to reinforce the back-screen sound system in order to achieve an even sound coverage all over the audience area. It has been realized using d&b Audiotechnik loudspeker (d&b Ci90) . [This is the first european movie theater with such a sound system!

This is a shot of the back screen system. The loudspeakers are hanged to a truss, and aimed carefully for the optimum coverage of the first part of the auditorium.

The two subwoofers. (d&b Ci7-SUB)

A shot of the booth. The projectors are two Kinoton FP 30 E, with electronic drive (without Maltese Cross) and a 3KW lamphouse. These are in a rewind configuration.

Kinoton FP 30 E

A shot of the beautiful head of the Kinoton projector.

Photos from the Alex Bertoni collection.

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