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Lignano Sabbiadoro, Udine, Italy

July 2004 photos from the Alex Bertoni collection.

60 KB · 625x469
The Auditorium. This is the biggest one in the Friuli region...

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The automation matrix mounted on the side of the left projec...

78 KB · 469x625
The sound rack. The processor is a Dolby CP 650 with the EX ...

57 KB · 625x469
A view of the back of the auditorium.

61 KB · 625x469
A side view of the auditorium, showing the surround channel ...

52 KB · 625x469
This is a detail of the delay system, used to reinforce the ...

65 KB · 469x625
This is a shot of the back screen system. The loudspeakers a...

64 KB · 469x625
The two subwoofers. (d&b Ci7-SUB)

81 KB · 625x469
A shot of the booth. The projectors are two Kinoton FP 30 E,...

64 KB · 469x625
Kinoton FP 30 E

65 KB · 469x625
A shot of the beautiful head of the Kinoton projector.
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