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Carlsbad, NM, USA

Welcome to Brad's Theatre. Popcorn? It's a Cretors T-2000

Twelve Irwin rockers upholstered on the back also. Two sets of Bose 161's for left and right surround.

It was time to say bye to the 12 year old standard perf screen and install an new miniperf.

The only easy access to the speakers is to remove the screen. Check them now. I forgot to get the model number of the high and low frequency drivers/speakers. No, I'm not going to unlace the screen to go look! Out of view is the sub which has a 15" driver.

One last view before I finish lacing up the Harkness Screen.

Just about done. Harkness says tight, so tight it is.

Harkness does keep with their standards. The other screen was 12 years old. The new screen lined up nicely with the old lacing eyelets.

Took the screw gun to the masking and I'm done.

The projection port. I used to have a new 35mm Monee in that room. I wasn't terribly impressed with it so I upgraded to a Sharp XV-Z10000 DLP projector.

Lots of inputs. All used except for composite video.

A nice little 15 inch Panasonic monitor.

Then there is the heater stack! At the top is a JVC video source switcher. The speaker is next down with the input selector under it. The Ultra-Stereo processor, model JS 105-195. Four Peavy CS-400 amps for left, center, right and left/right surround. The bottom CS-800 amp bridged for the sub.

Another stack of toys. At the top are four Channel Vision RF converters. The top two are stereo for the theatre output and the satellite tuner and the other two have 3 channels each for a mix of house video camera inputs. Next down is the Sony DVP-S7000 DVD player. Under it is the Yamaha CDV-W901 Compact Disk and Laser Disk player. The Sony SLV-575UC VHS machine is next (I still prefer Beta). Pre-show music source is the Denon DCM340 five disk changer. Next is the RCA HD satellite tuner. Second from the bottom is the Yamaha DDP-1 Digital Processor, it has inputs for RF, Optical and Coaxial sources. The bottom gadget is Monster Power's HTS3500 power filter. Whew!

Simply put, spaghetti.

WOO! HOO! More spaghetti.

Time to go.

More popcorn on the way home?

The hallway leading out.

A glance into the booth before I removed the 35mm system. That is a 42" Potts Platter. The terrible Monee projector is now a part of my garage system.

The garage system: From the left. The Potts makeup table, a nice little tool cabinet with lenses, splicer, spare parts, lamps etc. The Film Systems 2000 watt console, it's OK. Then there is my future boat anchor, that one piece made in India Monee P.O.S. The sound setup is a Shure FP42 mixer, a Yamaha receiver being used for it's switch capabilities and amplification only. My backup Broadcast Warehouse .10 watt transmitter from the Drive-In and a pair of Peavy TSL1's. Behind the sound cart are 4 6000' Goldberg reels, damn they were expensive.

Hanging from the douser are the solar cell audio feed cables. No digital here and no red reader either.

Well, there it is.

Sound. An iPod works great for manually running pre show music.

A pair of dimmers are mounted on the back door of the console. The screen and house light are just plugged in. The entire system is on a big extension cord. I can roll the whole thing out of the garage, turn it around, lower the garage door and have an instant Drive-Way Movie.

It really is a nicely put together console.

Over kill on the casters?!

A 25 year old roll down screen finishes off the garage. The lighting is just for the fun of being able to use the dimmers and automation.

Photos from the Brad Light collection.

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