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Carlsbad, NM, USA

March 2005 photos from the Brad Light collection.

68 KB · 625x417
Welcome to Brad's Theatre. Popcorn? It's a Creto...

85 KB · 625x417
Twelve Irwin rockers upholstered on the back also. Two sets...

61 KB · 625x417
It was time to say bye to the 12 year old standard perf scre...

71 KB · 625x417
The only easy access to the speakers is to remove the screen...

72 KB · 625x417
One last view before I finish lacing up the Harkness Screen.

48 KB · 625x417
Just about done. Harkness says tight, so tight it is.

42 KB · 313x470
Harkness does keep with their standards. The other screen w...

58 KB · 625x417
Took the screw gun to the masking and I'm done.

63 KB · 625x417
The projection port. I used to have a new 35mm Monee in tha...

53 KB · 625x417
Lots of inputs. All used except for composite video.

65 KB · 625x417
A nice little 15 inch Panasonic monitor.

62 KB · 313x470
Then there is the heater stack! At the top is a JVC video s...

63 KB · 313x470
Another stack of toys. At the top are four Channel Vision R...

79 KB · 313x470
Simply put, spaghetti.

58 KB · 313x470
WOO! HOO! More spaghetti.

70 KB · 625x417
Time to go.

73 KB · 625x417
More popcorn on the way home?

46 KB · 313x470
The hallway leading out.

62 KB · 625x412
A glance into the booth before I removed the 35mm system. T...

67 KB · 625x417
The garage system: From the left. The Potts makeup table, a...

47 KB · 313x470
Hanging from the douser are the solar cell audio feed cables...

44 KB · 353x470
Well, there it is.

57 KB · 625x417
Sound. An iPod works great for manually running pre show mu...

42 KB · 353x470
A pair of dimmers are mounted on the back door of the consol...

45 KB · 353x470
It really is a nicely put together console.

43 KB · 353x470
Over kill on the casters?!

41 KB · 353x470
A 25 year old roll down screen finishes off the garage. The...
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