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Brackley, PEI, Canada

The new screen built in the summer of 2003. The old screen was taken down earlier that summer by a hurricane.

Stereo sound equipment and Altec Amplifier to drive the window speakers still functional in a few of the parking stalls.

5 Deck Strong Platter.

The far back corner of the booth with the electric rewind bench and radio to presumably monitor the sound quality during the performance.

The FM transmitter unit broadcasting in stereo on 99.1MHz with coveted "White Chicks" trailer!!!

Projector #1, Simplex XL, used to run the reel to reel intermission program between double bills. Also serves as a spare machine in the event of catastrophic failure of Projector #2.

4 Star Simplex sound heads with white light exciters running on both machines.

Xetron XH4000 Lamphouse for projector #1 housing a Perkin Elmer 4500W Xenon.

Projector #2, Simplex XL, used to run the main feature.

Strong Highlight Console for projector #2 also housing a 4500W Perkin Elmer Xenon.

Photos from the Greg Routenburg collection.

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