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Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Theatre in it's current state 2005 ,the red paint is a sealer

Foyer looking from the Auditurium Entrance to the Main Doors.

Session Start and finish Clock

The small concession bar , the door to the right is the booth and Manager office access the door at the far right is to the emergency power and other shop access.

Shot of the Auditorium without a flash , showing the mainly red trough and wall lighting .

Shot with the flash showing the colour of the plaster and curtains .

The ceiling Dome lighting , there are red yellow and blue lights for the dome .

Wall lighting under flash shows the red and gold of the wall plaster work

Another shot of the Roof Dome and the projection room , to the far left of the booth is the manager room , with it's own Port glass and to the far right is the Rectifier room and storage .

Weststar Heads with RCA sound and Peerless Magarc Lamphouses , 6000 ft reels .

EIKI 16mm projector , famous for the many Surfing movies shown at this cinema .

This shot at about 2000 , looking better that it's present state , there are 2 flats above the street and 2 shops either side of the entrance , with the old Ball Room below ground , this is now used as a Sound recording studio (the entrance is to the far left .

Photos from the Paul Cassidy collection.

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