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Rockwall, TX, USA

Where is there to go in Rockwall? Why, the Movies 8 of course!

The box office and entrance.

Lobby and entrance to the auditoriums.

Video games line the exit wall making it extra easy to kick out those pesky teenagers that act up!

The back hallway.

The large auditorium.

Reverse shot of the large auditorium.

The projection booth.

CFS super platters.

Eprad Starscope processors and Peavey amplifiers.

CFS lamphouses.

A shot of a Starscope with it's front panel removed.

Cinemeccanica V5 projectors.

Mmmmmmmmm, everyone loves a Super platter.

Trailer storage and non-sync distribution system in the background.

Shot of auditoriums #1 and 2.

Film can storage.

Oops! Oh well, it's just a print of Torque.

Different Starscope cover in the background.

Another projector.

Film work room.

Projectionist's desk.

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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