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Morgan Hill, California

Closed and being remodeled into the Tennant Station Stadium 8

Large auditorium.

Hmmmm it's only a minor tear. What to do...leave the existing screen intact, or replace it?

The concession stand.

The box office.


Entrance to large auditorium.

Large auditorium.

Large auditorium.

Large auditorium.

Small auditorium.

Small auditorium.

Really small screen...less than 20 feet wide! This would make for an ideal DLP auditorium.



Sound rack for a large house. Dolby CP55, CE MS-100 monitor, dts6 and QSC amplifiers.

Century projectors and soundheads mated with an older style Christie lamphouse on a Simplex pedestal.

Egad! No lighting in the auditorium at all during the movie?

The projection booth.

ATTN: Michael Wilkinson...your coveted AW2 platters!!!

A typical setup.

Not sure what's going on here. Dolby CP65 and a Dolby CP55. Perhaps the CP55 was converted to an EX decoder?

Another typical setup with a funky homemade dts bracket.

Whew, finally an AW3!

Simplex projector.

Simplex projectors NEVER leak, and duct tape fixes everything.

There's no better place to store tools than a platter deck!

The new Inviso projector from MiT!

No old theater would be complete without a Brenkert laying around SOMEWHERE.

Or for that matter, an old Simplex Standard!

Photos from the Scott Neff collection.

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