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Las Vegas, NV, USA

_______, Aaron Sisemore and Randy Munro .

Steve Guttag, Michael Wilkinson and Paul Mayer.

Kevin Eagle, Mike Spaeth and Dustin Mitchell.

__________, Paul Mayer, Rick Long Jr. and Sam Hynds.

________, Aaron Sisemore, Sam Hynds, Paul Mayer, Kevin Eagle and Richard Fowler.

Michael Wilkinson and Dustin Mitchell with Sam Hynds in the mirror.

Jon Busch, Aaron Sisemore, Paul Mayer, ____________, Ian Price, Sam Hynds, Luci Reeves and Dan Lyons in front.

Curtis Walker, Jim Bedford, Jon Busch, Aaron Sisemore, Paul Mayer, _____________ and Dan Lyons in front.

Luci Reeves, Kevin Eagle, Richard Fowler and Ian Price.

Michael Wilkinson and Randy Munro.

Steve Guttag just loves his cheese! (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures most of the night for the rest of the visitors.)

Photos from the Brad Miller collection.

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